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This vibrant collection of paintings and prints explores what makes iconic cities magnetic, from distinctive architectural landmarks to smaller moments.

The series started as a way to document recent travels to Europe, drawing from photographs and memories to create richly detailed scenes that evoke the atmosphere and minutiae of each place. The collection has since grown to encompass other cities.

Through studying architecture, I started to become really interested in urban design as well and how architecture fits within the built environment and forms part of the whole public realm. I find it fascinating how there are iconic buildings around the world that are so easily recognisable in a photo or painting but the buildings around those can just blend into the background. The paintings in my ‘citified’ series have iconic architecture which identifies to the viewer which city they are. I like to create active scenes with people and cars and anything unique to that particular city to capture the feeling of the place. I exaggerate the colours to add more vibrancy and energy.

The reason why cityscapes are my favourite subject to paint is that the viewer can imagine themselves in the painting, walking down that street for example. Maybe it’s a place they have been before and it evokes special memories for them too.

More paintings in progress!